Title Closings

We assist, lenders, buyers, sellers, investors, and builders with purchasing land and homes.

Title Abstracting/Search

Examination of public records filed at the Chancery Clerk office to insure clear title to the property being purchased.

Deed Preparation

Warranty Deeds; QuitClaim Deeds; Special Warranty Deeds.  These convey the title to the new owner, and we also prepare easements.

Probate Services

This may include chancery clerk court proceedings to clear up title to a property after an owner’s death.

Owner Finance Document Preparation

We handle Note and Deed of Trust preparation to include recording of a Deed Of Trust to insure that a lien is filed.

Curative Title Work to Correct Errors in Title

These services include Heirship Affidavits, corrective deeds, clearing up tax liens, judgments liens, releasing outstanding deeds of trusts, scriveners and name affidavits.

Loan Closing Documents Preparation

Preparation of documents and the closing disclosure based on lenders closing instruction and contracts.


Represent lending institutions in legally foreclosing on real properties, in an instance when debtor fails to pay their loan.